ICAN is a children's communications charity in the UK. They work to foster the development of speech, language and communication needs in children with special needs and lacking the resources or help to improve. One in 10 children in the UK suffer from such problems. This problem is greater in more deprived areas where help is not readily at hand. More information is on www.ican.org.uk

Charities are also suffering this year due to lack of funding during the recession, and we are doing our best to raise as much as we can for a really worthy cause right here in the UK. Last year we raised over £20,000 for HopeHIV. This year our 'Charity of the Year' is ICAN. Sixteen of us from Amsphere walked 40 miles across the Yorkshire Moors, the Lyke Wake Walk. This event took place over the night of 12th June and most of the following day. We have achieved 70% of our target funds. We are looking for sponsorship and I would be really grateful if you could visit and pledge whatever you can.

Pledge Support

- Ricky Shankar, CEO Amsphere Ltd, UK